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In exercising its jurisdiction under the Administration of Justice Decree 2009 and Supreme Court Act 1998 with regard to special leave to appeal in any civil or criminal matter, the Supreme Court may:

  • Refuse to grant special leave [Section 7 (1)(a) Supreme Court Act]
  • Grant special leave and dismiss the appeal, or instead of dismissing the appeal make such orders as the circumstances of the case require. [Section 7(1)(b)]
  • Grant special leave and allow the appeal and make such other orders as the circumstances of the case require [Section 7(1)(c)].


  • A single judge of the Supreme Court may, in respect of any appeal pending before the Supreme Court, make such orders and give such directions as he or she considers in the interests of justice or the circumstances of the case require.[Section 8]
  • May exercise any power vested in the Supreme Court. [see Section 11 SC Act]
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Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

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