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Dissolution of Marriage

To end your marriage, you must be separated for 12 months before you can formally apply for a divorce. The Court does not consider whose fault it was that ended your relationship.

If you wish to apply for a divorce, use Form 1. Download Form 1 or ask for a copy from your nearest Court Registry. Once you have completed filling in Form 1, you must file at the Court Registry nearest to you or your partner.

Divorce is granted in two stages

Step 1 - if you have met all the requirements and if the Court is satisfied that proper arrangements have been made for the children under 18 years, the Court will grant a Conditional Order. However, in some circumstances, the Court can also grant a Conditional Order even though the Court is not satisfied that proper arrangements have been made for the children.

Step 2 - A Final Order will be issued by the Court one month and one day after the date of your Conditional Order.

You can re-marry after the Final Order is granted.

You should arrange to pick up your Final Order from the Court Registry and keep it in a safe place.


If you dispute some of the facts or Law in the judgement for dissolution of marriage, you can lodge an Appeal but you must do this before the Final Order is granted. You must file your appeal by filling out Form 26 Notice of Appeal and file it in the Court Registry which issued the Order you are appealing against.

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