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Court of Appeal Jurisdiction

The Court of Appeal has the authority to hear and determine appeals from all Judgments of the High Court.


Any party to an Appeal from the Magistrates Court to the High Court may appeal against the decision of the High Court or the Magistrates Court in it's extended jurisdiction to the Court of Appeal on any ground which involves a question of law alone, provided that no appeal shall lie against the confirmation by the High Court of a verdict of acquittal by a Magistrates Court.

No appeal shall also lie in respect of sentence imposed by the High Court in its Appellate jurisdiction unless the appeal is on the ground:

  • that the sentence was an unlawful one or was passed in consequence of an error in law; or
  • that the High Court imposed an immediate custodial sentence in substitution for a non-custodial one.

Powers of a Single Judge of Appeal in Civil matters – Section 20(1) of the Court of Appeal Act.

  • Grant leave to appeal to the Full Court.
  • Extend time within which an appeal can be filed.
  • Give a stay of execution or make interim orders.
  • Give judgment by consent.
  • Dismiss an appeal for want of prosecution.
  • Deal with costs and generally hear any application and give directions incidental to an appeal.

Powers of a Single Judge of Appeal in Criminal matters - Section 35(1) of the Court of Appeal Act.

  • Grant leave to appeal to the Full Court.
  • Extend time to file Notice of Appeal or application for leave to appeal.
  • Admit an Appellant to bail/cancel bail.
  • Recommend legal aid to be granted.
  • Dismiss an application under section 35(2).
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Media Release

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